Professionally Developed Facebook Ad Campaign For Churches This Christmas
-Christmas Focused Ad-Campaign For Your Church-
Total Value
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What's Included in the Ad Pack?
Exclusive Resources From RA Marketing:
  •  30 unique Facebook Ad images
  •  Ad image templates that are proven to work
  •  5 versions of professional Ad copy that you can split test and modify 
  •  2 versions of professional Retargeting Ad copy
  •  A membership site to access video content on demand
  •  Expert level ad strategy (with implementation guideline) 
  •  Retargeting Ad strategy (with step-by-step walk-through
  •  A budget plan for a successful campaign 
  •  TONS of bonus material and training videos 
  •  [OPTIONAL] Direct access to Richy and Andrew 
A Proven Strategy
We've had the benefit of running 1000's of Facebook Ad campaigns over the last several years over dozens of industries.
We know what works and we've put that experience into this step-by-step pack so you can implement an expert level ad campaign, without being an expert.
An Easy Roadmap
Let's face it, Facebook is confusing. Not only are they constantly making changes to the options, there are hundreds of different ways to run ads. This year, skip the headache. Follow our roadmap that explains the exact process you should follow to get results (and what options you have to get creative if you want to).
Everything You Need
You've got a lot on your plate. This AdPack is designed to eliminate Facebook marketing as one of those worries. Everything you need to run an effective FB campaign in 2018 is included (plus a ton of bonus modules that help you get even more from your investment!).
Less Stress
Stress is a real thing when it comes to Facebook Advertising...we get it because we've been are spending real dollars on a highly visible initiative. We know the pain points of FB and we've worked to make this entire process as stress-free as possible. Rest assured, that whether you are a FB ninja or a FB can use this pack to its fullest potential!
Does It Really Work?
Results From Churches Who Have Used Previous Ad Packs
Indiana Church
How'd They Do?
  • Average Sunday Attendance: 1,245
  •  Normal Holiday Attendance: 1,600
  •  Attendance Using This Ad Pack: 2,000
  •  BONUS: Church reported 1,350 regular attendees post event.
Florida Church
How'd They Do?
  •  Average Sunday Attendance: 1,000
  •  Normal Holiday Attendance: 1,500
  •  Attendance Using This Ad Pack: 2,200
  •  BONUS: Church reported 75 commitments to Christ and 32 Baptized!
Colorado Church 
How'd They Do?
  •  Average Event Attendance: 150
  •  Attendance Using This Ad Pack: 420
  •  BONUS: The following Sunday attendance was up by 38% made up of mostly first-time visitors!
How'd They Do?
  •  Average Sunday Attendance: 2,300
  •  Normal Holiday Attendance: 3,700
  •  Attendance Using This Ad Pack: 4,600
  •  BONUS: Church reported 160 people came to Christ from this event!
Frequently Asked Questions:
Q: What does the ad pack include?
This is an A to Z Facebook ad pack that includes: images, image templates, ad copy/strategy, retargeting ad copy/strategy, budget plan, execution timeline, and an optional upgrade to get hands-on support.

Q: How is the Adpack structured?
Once you purchase your AdPack, you'll get direct access to the membership area. Inside you'll find the entire Christmas AdPack broken down into small modules where Richy and Andrew walk you through what to expect and how to implement each component. There are plenty of downloads, hints, tips, and tools to access as well. Our aim is to make this impactful for your church and for the Kingdom, we've built the Pack to be easy and quick so you can get on with everything else on your plate!

Q: Is the pack customizable?
Absolutely. Everything inside the AdPack can be used as is, or, if you'd prefer to put a spin on it, go for it!  

Q: Can I use this if I have never run Facebook ads before?
The answer is yes BUT...while everything you need to run a successful Facebook campaign is included in this pack, you'll need to know the basics of buildout and management inside the FB ads manager/power editor. If you don't and are brand new to the platform, you can still use this, BUT you'll definitely want to explore some of the bonus options inside the Pack for more help!
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