Get 52 Giving Scripts for ONLY $97
Increase Your Church's Giving this Year Using This New Resource for Busy Pastors Who Want to Make Your Offering Time More Impactful, 
Get 52 Giving Scripts for ONLY $97
Increase Your Church's Giving this Year Using This New Resource for Busy Pastors Who Want to Make Your Offering Time More Impactful, 
You Save
52 Giving Scripts for Your Entire Year
Studies show, pastors spend on average 9.5 hours per week on the sermon. So much time is spent on the sermon, and rightfully so, but the offering talk is often forgotten about until the last minute.

With this 52 week bundle, you can say goodbye to last-minute offering talks!

Use this resource to plan ahead, allow others to be involved so you don't have to do it every Sunday. They just follow the script.

Use Giving Scripts so you can make your giving time more effective AND efficient than ever before.
Key Verse Slides 
This download includes 36 pre-made slides that pair with specific offering talks provided in the Offering Talks 2019 resource. These slides can work be put on screen during your offering moment!
Tithing FAQ Handout
Tithing FAQ is a PDF download you can use in your ministry when anyone has questions about tithing! Feel free to share this download with all your church attendees!
Editable Files
Along with 52 designed Offering Talks you'll get a link to a word document including all 52 offering talks so you can edit and print based on your needs!
the 52 offering talks
  The New Year
  Fortune 500
  Sodium Potassium Pump
  Introductory Pricing
  Be Rich
  Valentine's Day
  Equal Sacrifice NOT Equal Giving
  Good to Give
  Tithing before, during, and after the law
  The Oak Grove
  Measuring Cups
  Model Generosity
  Treasure on Earth vs. In Heaven
  Planting Season
  The Wright Brothers
  Treasure in Heaven
  Click bait
  Mother's Day
  God looks at the heart
  Memorial Day
  Tithe to the Father - God owns it all
  Father's Day
  Summer is Here
  July 4th
  The Gracious Giver
  The Pursuit of Happiness
  Giving brings glory to God
  Don't Worry
  My Brother
  Wealth is uncertain. God never changes.
  Wisdom is greater than wealth
  Love Languages
  Godly counsel is essential
  What's in a name?
  Put God first. He'll bless you.
  Harvest Season
  An inheritance for children's children
  Grow what the Lord has provided you
  Plan to be generous
  Desires of the diligent are fully satisfied.
  Principle of good soil
  Cheerfulness and Joy are contagious 
  You cannot love without giving
  Giving Gifts
What Church Leaders Are Saying About Giving Scripts

"The giving scripts make it easy to talk about finances and people understand it’s an important part of the service"

- Mike Stewart, Lead Pastor First Christian Church Urbana

"The giving scripts have been really effective. Our ushers actually use them and personalize each one a little bit and then prays over the offering"

- Leonard Southern, Lead Pastor Fort Lewis Baptist Church

"We starting using the giving scripts back in may and since that time we’ve seen giving increase by $3 per person per week." 

- Kirk Isreal, Faith Community Church
Do you want your church giving to skyrocket?
  •  52 Giving Scripts ($297 Value) - ONLY $97
  •  More time to prepare each week for you sermon
  •  Increased Giving at Your Church
  • Key Verse Slides ($19 Value) - Bonus
  • Tithing FAQ ($9 Value) - Bonus
  • Editable Files
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