There is a lot that matters in the life of a believer.

The disciplines of generosity, showing up, and service are crucial parts of growing in Christ.

What if you had the right tools to encourage and equip your church to pursue each of these with the biblical understanding of WHY it matters?

...or get all three in one bundle!

  • TO GOD

    Scripture affirms that the spiritual disciplines of giving, attending, and serving all matter to God, and are a few ways to show faithfulness to Him and His Kingdom!


    The body of believers, near and far, benefit from individual followers of Christ being generous, showing up, and living a life of service. It all matters to the Church!


    Community must be cultivated. What you practice will ultimately spill into relationships with others. The faithful practices of individuals affect those around them!


    Spiritual growth is a natural byproduct of faithful giving, attending, and serving in the church. These practices will yield fruit in the lives of the believer!

How are pastors using these?

As part of new membership classes, a gift to first-time or big-time givers, a thank you to regular attendees or givers, in conjunction with a sermon or small group series, as an end-of-year gift, with the church annual report, and more!

...or get all three in one bundle!