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2024 Pastor's Planner

2024 Pastor's Planner

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*This is a digital download* Use digitally (fillable PDF) or download and print for individual use - the ultimate planner for busy pastors! 

How many times have you started a week with intentionality, only to reach the weekend feeling unaccomplished and still unprepared for Sunday?

It's easy to let the demands of ministry keep you from doing the actual ministry. That's where The Pastor's Planner from Church Fuel will help.

  • Prioritize the most important actions
  • Keep you focused on the most important people
  • Help you remember what’s coming soon
  • Help you stay focused on what (and who) matters most

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Get ready for 2024

This planner PDF is designed to give pastors and church leaders, like you, a consistent personal system for each week.

In addition to space to write down some important things, there’s also helpful coaching to prepare you for what’s to come in the life of the Church.

This digital download gives you one page for each week of the year. It will help you clarify the desired outcomes for the week, help you think through what you need to do, and even remind you of people who need a one-on-one connection.


    When you prioritize the relationships, tasks, and outcomes that are truly important, you’ll feel a greater freedom to say “no” or “not now” to tasks that can wait.


    This simple exercise will help you plan your week with purpose, so when you get to the end and look back, you’ll have a greater sense of accomplishment.iew.


    As a pastor, it’s easy to spend your whole day responding to other people’s needs and other people’s priorities. This will help you carve out time for your work.

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