Church Visuals - Easter Media Bundle

Church Visuals - Easter Media Bundle

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Use these ready-made visuals to help you communicate the message of Jesus Christ powerfully and effectively this Easter.

Get a complete set of ready-made church media elements for Easter and all of Holy Week!

In order to reach the people you want to reach, your visuals matter. The goal is life change, it is salvation and spiritual growth in the lives of the people you serve. Church Visuals is here to help!

Done-for-you Easter media bundle includes:

  • Interactive countdown timer videos to grab the attention of your audience as they enter your worship services or events.
  • ​Interactive game great for your kids and student ministries. Designed just for fun and to help you teach biblical truths.
  • ​Short form videos to use as service openers or transition elements within your worship experiences or events.
  • ​Slide Templates for sermon series, announcements, events and more. Fully editable for you to adapt to any context.
  • ​Fully designed sermon series kits with graphics, bumpers and other media to powerfully communicate your message.
  • ​Editable social graphics and videos to help you promote your sermon series and events at your church or ministry.
  • ​Collections of matching media to use in your worship experiences.
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Check out these media samples: