Staff Talks - Digital Course for Pastors

Staff Talks - Digital Course for Pastors

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Are you a lead pastor struggling to come up with fresh and inspiring content for your staff meetings? Look no further! Join Pastor Rusty George as he shares his invaluable collection of staff talks designed to equip and inspire your team.

This digital course for pastors will encourage and equip you to have meaningful discussions with your team. If you've wondered how to talk with your team about decisions to be made, navigating the world of being on church staff, clarity in leadership roles, health & self-care, breaking the drama cycle, team unity, or evaluating the overall ministry then this course is for you. 

Give your staff meetings a boost with Staff Talks by Pastor Rusty George. In this digital course you get access to all 7 video talks from Rusty. Be encouraged as a leader and feel confident walking into your next staff meeting!

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