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Church ByLaws Kit
Church ByLaws Kit

Church ByLaws Kit

Ready to lead with great accountability & make rapid decisions with tremendous protection?

Bylaws don’t matter until they matter – but one day, they will matter. These bylaws from Fellowship Church stem from hundreds of hours of research and counsel. These church bylaws are in concert with the New Testament and in concert with our culture and current context. This kit allows leaders like you the opportunity to lead with great accountability and protected decision-making.
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A great home is only as good as its foundation, and when it comes to the legal world we live in, these bylaws are the best foundation we have ever seen for a church. So, take these bylaws, add your church’s name and tweak them if you like. Make them your own!


  • An in-depth legal brief including model examples of the Amended Articles of Incorporation of Fellowship Church and Amended and Restated Bylaws of Fellowship Church​
  • Model example: Membership Covenant of Fellowship Church
  • ​A Case Study for the Staff-Led Church by Ed Young

A Message from Ed Young

When I started out in ministry nearly 40 years ago, I would have given anything to have a place to find relevant resources that helped me unleash my God-given creativity. Yet, so often, I struggled to find those resources. The ones I did find were answering questions I wasn’t asking and giving me information I didn’t need. They weren’t empowering me to maximize the vision God had laid out for our church.

So when we launched Creative Pastors, our goal was to establish a central location where pastors and leaders could gain access to resources that would reach them where they are, empower them with inspiration and creativity, equip them with tangible tools for ministry, and help them reach the level God wants them to reach!

This site is built for you – to help you unleash your God-given creativity in the local church to impact the world around you. I can’t wait to hear all that God does through your creativity and leadership!

– Ed Young