Build a Legacy of Faithful & Effective Discipleship

Build Something that Works for Your Church

Get clear and practical discipleship coaching with a proven roadmap tailored to your church, no matter your church size or unique community needs. Don't waste any more time at "Google Seminary."

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NewStart Discipleship Program

NewStart Discipleship Program

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  • Discipleship Assessment

    22 questions to help you assess where your discipleship program is strong/weak, and where you can make the most progress FAST.

  • 10 Video Coaching Course

    10 video training modules to

    help you find practical steps to achieve quick WINS in your discipleship ministry.

  • 30-Minute Coaching Call

    Get a "fresh set of eyes" on your discipleship strategy. Talk with a coach about where you are & establish next steps!

Your Coach: Darrell Stetler II

Darrell has pastored a smaller church in South Oklahoma City since 2003. He is married to Liz and they have 7 children. 

After pastoring for over 10 years, Darrell realized he had no clear pathway for multiplying disciples, and decided to design one that ANYONE could follow. He started NewStart Discipleship, to design a discipleship strategy that smaller churches could actually DO... clear steps to effectively disciple new believers. 

Today, NewStart Discipleship Tools is the choice of many churches across the country for a clear discipleship pathway. 

Why is discipleship coaching so important for pastors of any size church?

Here's Darrell's story... As a small church pastor in Oklahoma, Darrell discovered he had wasted years of ministry where he could have been more effective in multiplying disciples. He is thankful for the day he decided, "NO MORE." The truth is that it's particularly important for smaller churches to be effective in disciple-making, because the smaller church is the backbone of the American church! Watch the video for Darrell's story.

Get Discipleship Coaching for my church

Includes printable workbook!

  • Instantly downloadable 
  • Printing license​ for you and any leaders at your church
  • 37 pages​ of discipleship coaching goodness
  • Follows the training video series
  • Note-taking space​ and action-step processing space.

How you can build something
that works for your church:

Want to build something similar?

You can, and NewStart Discipleship
can show you how.

This course really isn't about how to create the journey graphic... 

It's about you clarifying what journey you want new Christians in your church to take, and doing the necessary thinking to communicate that clearly and in a compelling way. 

That's what discipleship coaching can do!

I'm ready, enroll me in the course!

This Discipleship Coaching can teach any pastor how to build a simple, clear discipleship process!

Here are the coaching modules that are covered:

  • Module 1: Developing a Disciple-Making Mindset
  • Module 2:​ What Is A Disciple? Getting Clear on What You’re Trying to Produce
  • Module 3: Discipleship Pathway: How to Create one That's Crystal Clear
  • ​Module 4: How to Communicate about Discipleship to Your Congregation
  • Module 5: How to Get Your first 3 Disciples
  • Module 6: Using Your Worship Service to Promote Discipleship
  • Module 7: Plan to Multiply Disicples From the Beginning
  • Module 8: How to Recruit a Discipleship Champion from Your Congregation
  • Module 9: How to Convince Your Church Board to Move Forward on Discipleship
  • Module 10: How to Find a Discipleship Partner (Think Who, Not How)

Benefits of Discipleship Coaching

If you're wondering, "What will discipleship coaching do for me?" then here are some ways in which it can help pastors:

1. Get Clear on What a Disciple Truly Is: Unveil the mystery of discipleship and gain a rock-solid understanding of what it means to walk the path of Christ. Let your clarity light the way for your congregation's spiritual journey.

2. Empower Your Congregation's Discipleship Journey: Watch as your church members embark on their discipleship quests with confidence and excitement, armed with the knowledge of where to begin and how to progress. It's time to eliminate the guesswork and lead with intention!

3. Craft a Crystal Clear Discipleship Pathway: Leave no room for confusion or doubt. This resource guides you step-by-step in creating a pathway that outlines the transformative journey your disciples will undertake. The days of uncertainty are over!

4. Don't Just Add Disciples -- Multiply Them: Uncover the strategy to multiply your discipleship impact. It's not about addition; it's about multiplication! But how can you get ready to multiply? It's going to take 2 secrets, which will be discussed in the coaching program!

5. Find Your Perfect Discipleship Partner: Don't walk this path alone. Discover how to find a like-minded partner who shares your passion for expanding your discipleship ministry. Together, you'll reach new heights faster than you ever thought possible.